Sunday, 5 February 2012


Today we had the most awesome snow-day!

Out to the park first thing with everyone's kids, snow ball fights, snowman building, and then sledging at a neighbours!

Arthur absolutely loved it, and all we heard from him all day was 'sno!  sno!'
 The boys were, typically, only really interested in launching snow balls at the house - note our bemused cat in the window there!
 ...While Chris, Maisie and her friend made a rather handsome snowman :o)

Back to school tomorrow, I don't think we're forecast any more and it's been melting rapidly all day - so I predict a very slushy grey walk to school tomorrow!

Fun while it lasts...!

I also managed some sewing today, a quick Lego tidy from this tutorial - I am quite pleased with how it came together, so I'll blog about it tomorrow - promise ;o)

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  1. Brrrrrr!

    Three posts recently... I'M IMPRESSED! Keep it up!