Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lego tidy

A day later than promised ;o)  but we had Parents' evening and clubs last night!

So hot on the whinging from the older ones about "the baby's got my leeeeegoooooooo" "I can't find the pieces I had for my thiiiiiiing" and other charming phrases (I know anyone with children will be familiar with the tone of whine and dropped shoulders that accompanies this kind of situation) I decided to try out a lego tidy-up pouch tutorial - this one from Quiltylicious took my eye as it was step-by-step, didn't use any terms I didn't recognise lol, and I liked the pirate fabric!


I used her measurements, and a 14" radius is a nice size to work with, not too big to be unweildy to sew, perfect for packing for holidays or trips to relatives who might not be equipped for children, and just big enough to contain the pieces required for any one 'project' on the go.

The kids have loved it so far, and I am about to whip up another for Jake's K'nex as that has teensy weensy pieces in it too, and this morning he'd opted to build with it on his bunk <sigh> and was frantically scrabbling it back into the plastic box when I asked him (for the 900th time) to get DRESSED FOR SCHOOL.  Much easier to just pull a drawstring shut I think!

A nice quick make for boys!


  1. I think I may have mentioned having one of these (still do) for my oldest, which his younger brothers used, too. It was denim and we loved it! Legos were always a BIG THING for them.

    1. You did indeed Mrs A! I am still inspired to make a big denim one!!
      Lego is a huge thing here too - I must spend at least 5 minutes every day after vacuuming (yes, EVERY DAY) picking out bricks and those hard-to-see clear teeny pieces of lego from dust and fluff in the dyson. Lovely.