Saturday, 18 June 2011

Benji and the machine...

Good afternoon readers!

Well, I'm writing it in the afternoon anyway, even if you're not reading it then...

The house has been a whirlwind of activity with Saffy's 6th birthday (and year anniversary since my first quilt was made!) and school, and Beaver scouts and all sorts!

This week my middle boy Benji fancied a spot of sewing, so we cut a panel from some rooster fabric I'd bought the week before (bargain section, £1.54per metre) and got to it...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Half-term, DONE!

..... My 'Work in Progress' pile - NOT DONE!

I singularly failed to do a single stitch of sewing this half term <shameface> !!

The kids brought me home a lovely stomach bug, which meant from Friday until Wednesday I was poorly sick, and not much use to anyone - I had a brief respite day on Sunday to watch my step-daughter Maisie perform at the local Well-dressing as a Maypole dancer (we're all very proud!)

 It was lovely to see her dance, and she performed superbly over the whole May bank holiday for a total of 5 appearances :-)

- but then I hit the wall again :-(  !

Thursday was a resting day with just the baby at home with me and the bigger boys off at activities for the day - the girls went to see their mum for the remainder of the holiday.  Then we drove down to see my family for the weekend.  Now it's Monday again, and I feel like a failure!

Ho-hum, this week I will do SOMETHING - I think my aim for this month will be to finish the quilts I started as a raffle prize back in January!

Anyone else have any WIPs they'd like to Name and Shame??   Time to get motivated!