Thursday, 19 January 2012

The humble crayon roll

So I'm going to blog, honest!

Today I whipped up a (slightly wonky, thank you my nearly-2yo Arthur for helping/distracting!) a crayon roll for a wee girl's birthday this weekend.

 I simply cannot get enough of these - I made a mini-selection for the pre-school Summer fayre last year,  filled with just a pack of 5 crayons from the £ shop, and super dinky for little hands and ideal for handbags!
(I can't recall if I blogged about them at the time, knowing me, probably not!)

I loosely followed the tutorial over at Skip to my Lou, for the bigger owly one, but 'quilted' the whole roll when sewing the crayon sections and edged it in bias binding.  There are a squillion tutorials on the web, I really just needed one for the measurements!
I did 1" spaces and as you can see in the photos managed to fit 2 crayons in some pockets quite comfortably...

 ...and sewed a loop of elastic under one edge of the bias binding to wrap around when it's rolled up.

Well more posts to come soon (I hope!) about a space quilt for my eldest son!