Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dusting away the blog-webs....

Hello, hello, one and all!

I have been frightfully neglectful of my little space in blogland here... So many days have come and gone and I've thought "I will blog about that later!" and haven't - but now the holidays are over (we had a lovely time, even if the weather wasn't at it's best!) and all the big kids are settled into school, only the baby is at home with me, we have slowly found our routine for the days and weeks with the family - and all seems calm ...for now!

I have managed some lovely projects with the kids over the Summer, not all sewing related as the boys have little patience for the preparation and much more interest in the great outdoors - or Lego.  Mostly Lego now I think about it! But we have mastered reversible tote-bag making, This tutorial from Skip-to-my-Lou is brilliantly simple, and to date my step-daughters and I have made 6 bags for friends and relations (and one for me too, of course!)

I'll get round to photos later :-)

For now, I am looking forward to getting crafty for hallowe'en, and having them at home for the half term break in a week or so!  The house is very empty during the day - my day-dreamous plan of filling my time with sewing for stocking presents, and taking on larger quilting projects has most definitely been thwarted by the baby being decidedly grumpy at only having me for company bless him!!
I am re-acquainting myself with the 'toddler group' social side of things, and it seems to be appeasing his need for raucous en-mass playtime!

Anyway, enough of that -

Time for bed!